New summer profiles in the Inter-Sprint private label range

ISB continues to refresh and expand its tyre range while ensuring a healthy, physical inventory from which its customers can choose. Within the Private labels range, ISB also offers a wide selection. Budget brands Mastersteel and Roadhog are produced under the responsibility of Inter-Sprint. Both brands are launching new PCR summer profiles in September.

Mastersteel Clubsport 2, Prosport 2, and Supersport 2

Summer tyres form the foundation of the innovative Mastersteel range. The 3 PCR summer profiles will have a high-quality successor with excellent driving and braking characteristics. The profiles are tailored to end users. The Clubsport 2 is the ideal car tyre for smaller family cars. The Prosport 2 targets larger and heavier cars, while the Supersport 2 is a UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyre for larger cars in the mid-segment, cars in the luxury top segment, and the sporty class.

The new Mastersteel summer profiles are expected at the end of September. The Clubsport 2 will be available in 8 sizes from 14″ and 15″, the Prosport 2 in 33 sizes from 14″ to 16″, and the Supersport 2 in 42 sizes from 17″ to 20″.

Roadhog RGS02 and RGHP02

Roadhog summer tyres are characterized by their special tread design, based on continuous longitudinal grooves, including the new PCR profiles RGS02 and RGHP02. Both profiles have the same specifications, with the difference that the RGHP02 is the High-Performance version of the RGS02.

The RGS02 and RGHP02 are expected at the end of September. The RGS02 will be available in 41 sizes from 14″ to 16″, and the RGHP02 will appear in 42 sizes from 17″ to 20″.