Marketing & Communication

Professional marketing and communication processes, also for our customers

Inter-Sprint is the number one professional tyre partner in all fields. For example, Inter-Sprint has its own Marketing & Communication department. Designers, desk top publishers, web designers and marketing specialists form the foundation of this department. The entire organisation therefore has access to full-time marketing and communication specialists.

So, whether it’s developing product brochures, adverts, online promotions, cross-media concepts, website development, relevant content management, SEO projects, or getting the most out of social media channels: we have the specialists for every job.

At Inter-Sprint, we know the value of having this specialism in-house. Having the entire process, from conception to production, completely within our control, and carrying it out to the highest standards, applies to all our fields. Having complete control over everything also ensures optimal quality control and efficiency.

Here too, the strength lies in being able to adapt to current developments and new visions within the field. Conventional print communication is rapidly making way for online activities. For many businesses, the vast range of online possibilities are still highly confusing, and many businesses still have trouble with the applications and results thereof. Doing business means making decisions, and your time is valuable. We know this like no one else. We therefore love supporting our customers in developing their own marketing and communication schemes. From simple leaflets to long-lasting campaign. Just let us know. Learn more about the possibilities.


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