ICT & Support

There is a solution for everything

It is no longer possible to imagine a modern business without automation. When the infrastructure is as complex as that involved in the services that Inter-Sprint offers to its customers, it is only natural that we have our own ICT department.

There are specialists working within all disciplines. Software developers, system and network administrators and support staff form a well-oiled ICT machine.
Developing and maintaining a high-tech ICT environment is not a static activity, but a high-tech and continuous process. By managing this entirely in-house, we are able to change direction rapidly and get the most out of the available technology.
The ICT systems, which have been developed entirely in-house, support all possible processes and trajectories including the procurement and sales trajectories, logistical processes, online ordering systems and administrative processing. All these systems are dynamic and are regularly adjusted or expanded on the basis of market developments and desired new tools or the generation of refined marketing reports.

Of course, our e-commerce environment is also developed completely in-house, and our online specialists are continually improving the program in order to make things as simple as possible for our customers.
Our ICT specialists can also link our stock to your own application. They tune the different systems to one another so that you can, for example, offer our stock online via your own tyre web shop as if it were your own stock.


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