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Inter-Sprint Banden B.V. privacy policy

Use of the website

Inter-Sprint Banden B.V. respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information supplied to us by you is handled confidentially. This privacy policy applies to all users of Inter-Sprint Banden B.V.’s website. This privacy statement may be changed from time to time in response to new developments. The most up-to-date privacy policy can always be found at We advise you to read this statement fairly regularly so that you are aware of how Inter-Sprint Banden B.V. protects your data. By making use of this website, you agree to accept the privacy policy.


When you send an email or any other kind of message to us, it is possible that we may save the message. Sometimes we will ask you for personal data that are relevant to the situation in question. This allows us to process your questions and answer your queries. The data are stored on Inter-Sprint Banden B.V.’s own secure servers, or those of a third party. We will not combine these data with other personal data we have access to.

Passively-collected information

When you surf the internet, website administrators are able to collect certain information about you.

Using this information, the quality and accessibility of websites can be improved. The data of this kind that we do use are processed anonymously.


We collect data for research so that we can get a better insight into our customers, allowing us to tailor our services to them. This website uses ‘cookies’ (text files that are saved onto your computer) in order to help the website analyse how visitors use the site.
Examples of this are your computer’s ‘IP-address’, the operating system, the internet browser you use and the last website you visited. The information generated by the cookies about your use of the website can be transferred to Inter-Sprint Banden B.V.’s secure servers, or those of a third party. We use this information to monitor how you use the website, to create reports about website activity and to offer other services that relate to website activity and internet use. Cookies cannot be used in order to identify persons. A cookie can only identify a computer. All internet users are able to change their settings so that cookies are not accepted. If the computer does not accept cookies, you may experience problems with the proper functioning of the website.


We keep track of online visitor statistics in order to see which pages of the website are visited, and to what extent. The only way these statistics are used is in order to make the website more accessible.


We do not collect or use any information for any other goals than those described in this privacy policy statement.

Third parties

This information is not shared with third parties. These data will only be used in order to achieve the goal of the application in question, and will not be disseminated further. In addition, in some cases the information might be shared internally. Our staff are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.


This privacy policy statement has been tailored to the use of and possibilities available on this site. Any changes to and/or editing of this site may lead to changes in this privacy policy statement. It is therefore advisable to regularly check this privacy policy statement.

Backup and security technology

In order to avoid and/or remedy the loss of, alteration to, or any other attack on the information, we use backup and security technology.

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