Our logistics

Doing what we say, that’s what it’s all about

The pressures faced by Europe’s road network are rapidly increasing. As a result, our planning department team grapple with logistical challenges on a daily basis. ‘We do what we say’ – this mantra takes high priority in the minds of our team. However, they don’t just stand by it. With our high-tech route system, they are able to schedule the deliveries of thousands of orders per day with incredible accuracy. The system takes all known delays and diversions, both at home and abroad, into account.

On the basis of, among other things, up-to-date traffic reports, routes are planned as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the ‘track and trace’ system, we always know exactly where in the delivery trajectory an order is located. Of course, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can affect our plans, but completing a delivery much too late or not at all is not an option. Our delivery reliability may never be called into question. Orders placed before 17:00 will be on your doorstep the next working day.

On the Moerdijk business park, an impressive business location has developed, which is able to supply all of Europe with wheels and tyres. Apart from our warehouses, we also have a container handling location with direct access to the harbour quayside. It’s just a little step from ship to warehouse.

In addition to the maximum capacity of our own extensive vehicle fleet (over 50 truck-trailer combinations), we have agreements with European haulage companies for our ‘overnight’ package service (deliveries of small quantities). They deliver these orders in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Outside of the Netherlands, depending on the location, we deliver orders within 24 to 48 hours.

We have an ‘Express Service’ especially for express deliveries within the region. These are speedy day deliveries, outside of the fixed delivery times. Our local partners have an intricate distribution network within the Netherlands at their disposal. Within their own regions, they deliver the orders several times a day.

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