Stock policy

We offer our customers ‘One-Stop-Shopping’

Our purchasing strategy is based on procuring a range that is as broad and deep as possible, in the greatest quantities possible. We offer our customers the ‘One-Stop-Shopping’ principle. No matter what tyres you’re looking for, we have them in stock in all quantities. This purchasing strategy helps allow us to complete deliveries quickly at incredibly competitive rates.

We have made deals with all manufacturers, and act as the most important distribution link for the European tyre industry. Using circulation and empirical data, we guarantee constant availability of all brands, of all types and designs. We always have the right tyre in stock at the right moment.

We advise our customers, if desired, on stock position and stock optimisation. In consultation, we compile relevant stock from our range. The tyres that sell like hot cakes are stored at the customer’s location. Combine this ‘on-location stock’ with our central warehouse stock, and the customer will always be able to guarantee their own customers a complete range with constant availability. An unparalleled choice for both you and your customers.




Contact one of our sales specialists
Contact one of our sales specialists
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