The tyre sector is constantly in motion. If you want to play a relevant, long-term role within this sector, you have to anticipate changes in the market. But you also have to be ready to proactively adapt your concepts and strategies, while maintaining your own company values. Daring to go into new directions. That’s what makes the difference.

It is partially thanks to our vision and daring to actively anticipate that we have grown over the past 50 years to become Europe’s largest distributor of car and truck tyres. We offer our customers the largest own stock of tyres in all of Europe. A balanced multi-brand strategy, combined with our established market and product knowledge, makes us a professional and reliable supplier. Naturally, our more than impressive stock covers all the known premium brands. In addition, we supply a number of European ‘Exclusive brands’ and ‘Private labels’, produced by renowned tyre manufacturers. We are also the official distributor for a several leading tyre brands. The result? An unparalleled amount of choice!

Our customers are our partners. Together, we seek out the right market strategies and product ranges, based on our collective market and product knowledge. Moreover, we offer professional ICT solutions and creative marketing support. Everything revolves around delivering added value, which we do with complete conviction for each one of our partners.

Inter-Sprint, Europe’s number one tyre distributor.


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