Sentury, the manufacturer of Landsail and Delinte introduces the Groundspeed brand to the European market.  The brand had its European premiere at The Tire Cologne 2022 and is available in a range covering the most popular steering, drive and trailer sizes.

With the same hyper-focused quality used to produce Sentury’s aircraft tyres, Groundspeed is now bringing its product line-up with TBR tyres to the European market. From commercial runways to regional transports, Sentury’s commitment to quality remains the same. All tyres are made in Sentury’s Industry 4.0 facility so they can continue to deliver on the promise of exceptional quality in this new line of TBR tyres.

De line-up consists of:

  • Steer position – GSFS02
  • Drive position – GSVS02
  • Trailer position – GSKS01

The line-up will be further expanded in the near future. An off-road variant is planned, among other things.

Ask our truck specialists about this new, attractive TBR brand on the European market!


GSFS02 – steer position

Square shoulder effectively reduces irregular wear.

Straight main grooves reduce rolling resistance and improve drainage and steerability.

GSVS02 – drive position

Connecting bars between the tread blocks help improve tread stability. Reduces wear from heel to toe.

Full-depth horizontal grooves quickly channel water into the main groove, improving wet traction performance.

GSKS01 – trailer position

The continuous tread pattern significantly reduces rolling resistance.

The wide tread increases the ground contact area and improves grip.


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Contact one of our sales specialists