Groundspeed Truck Tyres

Groundspeed is produced by Sentury Tire, a well-known manufacturer that pursues a multi-brand strategy in different levels of PCR, LT & SUV/4×4 tyres. Sentury Tire has proven itself in quality and reliability over the years. All Groundspeed tyres are produced in an Industry 4.0 plant in Thailand. Providing you with the best quality Truck and Bus tyres in this segment combined with the lowest cost per kilometer.

Groundspeed in brief

  • Quality budget tyre brand: Made in Thailand in an Industry 4.0 factory
  • Comprehensive range: More than 8 profiles for steer axle, drive axle and trailer axle
  • Availability: More than 40 popular sizes available
  • Excellent reputation: Known for producing tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s, vans and aircraft tyres for Boeing 737’s
  • Efficient delivery: Direct shipments are possible

Inter-Sprint is an exclusive distributor for Groundspeed in Europe. A 100% service oriented tyre supplier with the best logistical solutions and technical advice. We do what we promise. We strive to build long-term business relationships.


Contact one of our sales specialists
Contact one of our sales specialists