Tyfoon introduces the Van 4-Season

The Tyfoon Van 4-season is Tyfoon’s newest all-season tyre, specially developed for vans. Tyfoon is one of our successful private labels and the new Van 4-Season is produced by the largest German tyre manufacturer.

The extra reinforced tyre construction forms the basis of this version. The all-season profile, with 3 continuous longitudinal grooves and the side continuous width grooves, generate maximum grip in all weather conditions and minimize the risk of aquaplaning.

The wide, sloping, robust tread blocks on the shoulder of the tyre provide extra stability. Even with sudden evasion and / or extreme braking. The tyres have the 3-PMSF certification (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) and thus meet the applicable European regulations for winter tyres.

The first 4 sizes are in stock and we expect to expand the range further by next month with another 5 sizes, bringing the Van 4-Season range to 9 versions.

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