Three new Tyfoon profiles available!

The offer in our private label Tyfoon has been expanded with no less than three new profiles. The summer tyres called Heavy Duty 3, Successor 6 and Connexion 3 are directly available from stock. Find out more about these newcomers.

Tyfoon Successor 6
The Tyfoon Successor 6 is a high performance summer tyre for passenger cars in the mid-range and top segment. The Successor 6 is the ideal tyre for sporty and active riders. This summer tyre combines speed, control, reliable handling and comfort. In sudden (evasive) maneuvers, the car remains in control, even on wet roads.

Tyfoon Connexion 3
The Tyfoon Connexion 3 is a solid summer tyre for small family cars and passenger cars in the mid-range segment. Optimal road holding and excellent performance on dry and wet surfaces; the Connexion 3 stands for safety and reliability.

Tyfoon Heavy Duty 3
The Tyfoon Heavy Duty 3 is a robust summer tyre for vans. Thanks to its advanced tread design, weighted tyre build-up and sturdy shoulders, this van tyre delivers reliable performance. Due to the high load capacity, this tyre comes into its own during heavier transport.