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Inter-Tyre is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of alloy and steel wheels for passenger cars and SUVs. With many premium brands and a number of ‘Private brands’, Inter-Tyre offers a large and extensive range.

We have also implemented the ‘One-Stop-Shopping’ principle at Inter-Tyre. This has resulted in a most complete range that covers all levels of quality. From ‘basic’ to ‘high-end’, and always of the quality level that you would expect from the brand positioning.
Inter-Tyre also buys in bulk, based on availability or on order, thereby allowing wheels to be delivered from own stock. The brilliant and extensive range provides the customer with an unparalleled selection. The impressive stock of, on average, 150,000 wheels in sizes ranging from 13 to 23 inches and at competitive prices make Inter-Tyre the number one partner for wheels.

Naturally, the wheels can also be ordered online. With the special wheel configurer, ordering wheels has become a simple matter. You can search our real-time stocks on a 24/7 basis using criteria such as registration number or car brand. With just a few simple operations, the system will display the available wheels for the car. For an even more realistic impression, you can check out the online photo gallery to assess whether the chosen rim lives up to expectations under the car. If you aren’t entirely happy, then you can select a new type of rim with just a few clicks and take a look at the newly-shown result.
In addition, you’ll be able to find the net price, recommended tyre size and additional information about the wheel brands and designs online. Everything easily accessible in one place.

Inter-Tyre is also your perfect partner when it comes to deliveries of entirely installed sets. The sets can be assembled entirely online from our up-to-date wheel and tyre stocks. The stocks shown here are also real-time, so your fully mounted and balanced sets, with or without TPMS system, can also be delivered rapidly.



With Wheeltyre, we’ve gone another step further. Especially for our official brand dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have realised a unique online order environment under the name Webdis. Only the brand dealers can take part in this, and only via the official car importers.

With this system, brand dealers can order wheels, tyres and fully mounted sets with or without original TPMS systems. The delivered systems with TPMS merely need to be coupled to the car management system. In addition, if you’re looking for big quantities of mounted sets with TPMS, look no further than Wheeltyre.



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