New, the Delinte DS2

The DS2 is Delinte’s latest high-end summer tyre for passenger cars and SUV/4x4s. The Delinte DS2 is designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art production techniques. The DS2 will be available this year in 35 different sizes: from 185/65HR14 up to a generous 245/40ZR19 XL. The special tyre construction and rubber compound make the tyre feel comfortable and safe under all driving conditions.

The four extra wide, continuous length grooves in combination with Qirin Scale Technology reduce the risk of aquaplaning and increase braking performance on wet roads. The balanced design of the shoulder blocks evenly distributes pressure on the inner and outer side, and you experience unusually good driving stability when changing lanes and cornering at high speed.

The Delinte DS2 is exclusively available at Inter-Sprint B.V. and directly in stock. Consult our e-commerce for the current stock and competitive pricing.