Sentury Landsail brand name to Sentury: European OE ambitions

Sentury Tire, manufacturer of Sentury Landsail tyres, aims to build & strengthen competitive partnership and relationships with European and global car and commercial vehicle manufacturers Sentury Tire is an OE supplier to well-known car manufacturers under the Sentury brand name.

The company is also aiming to serve the European OE market. To achieve its European OE ambitions, Sentury Tire has been working with several European car manufacturers for several years.

Driven from these ambitions, there are advanced plans to build the first factory in Europe, a state-of-the-art plant in Galicia, Spain. In addition, Sentury Tire has planned a factory in Morocco. Both plants aim to serve the market in the best possible way.

New profiles
In early 2023, Sentury Landsail launched the first Chinese EV tyre on the European market under the name Sentury Qirin 990 EV. Also the first Sentury Landsail tyre with only the Sentury brand name on the tyre. Since May this year, the first Sentury Qirin 990 summer tyres have also been available from Moerdijk.

Sentury Landsail is at the forefront of the latest technical developments as well as always working hard to improve the quality of their products in all areas. That is why Sentury Tire is currently moving Sentury Landsail tyre production from China to its state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 factory in Thailand. Many existing profiles from the LS series will run out during 2023 and will be replaced by profiles from the Sentury Qirin series.

In the transition phase, the Landsail name will remain on the tyre for some sizes and product groups.

New EAN and system numbers articles Sentury Landsail

Due to developments in the profiles, Inter-Sprint is changing the EAN and system numbers. You can request a clear file with the changes from Inter-Sprint sales.

INTER-SPRINT Banden BV is the exclusive Sentury Landsail distributor in the EU.