Introduction Sentury Landsail Seasonsdragon

The Sentury Landsail Seasonsdragon is our newest all season tyre and the second tyre within the Landsail range which we release under the dual-branding name Sentury / Landsail. For passenger cars, SUV / 4×4’s and ultra-high-performance vehicles.

The high-tech rubber compound in combination with a special tread structure provides reliable driving characteristics in all weather conditions. This profile construction also reduces rolling noise, thus ensuring driving comfort. The continuous, long tread blocks make the driving behaviour enormously stable.
The directional tread gives a very good loosening effect on snow, dirt and water, while the 3D sipes provide more grip on slippery surfaces.

The tyre naturally carries the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol and complies with European winter tyre legislation. The Sentury Landsail Seasonsdragon will bring you to your destination comfortably and safely in any season.

Some features of the Sentury Landsail Seasonsdragon:

  1. Cross-pattern blocks and 3D sipes are designed to lock pattern blocks while driving and improve the safety of driving in the snow.
  2. The 3D groove design on the pattern block can effectively cut a water film, improve grip and heat dispersion capacity.
  3. A dynamic, directional pattern design with V-shaped grooves provides excellent drainage performance.
  4. Block width and block height differences are reduced, ensuring the quiet effect of new and worn tyres and suppressing stepped, abnormal wear.

The new Sentury Landsail Seasonsdragon is now fully available! Within a few months the number of available profiles will increase from the current number to 50, in sizes ranging from 13 to 19 inches.