Tyfoon tyres, a good alternative

Tyfoon tyres are a good alternative to many of the well-known premium brands. The quality of these affordably-priced tyres is astonishingly good. Tyfoon tyres are developed and manufactured in Europe (this does not include the SUV and all-season tyres). As a result, you can be assured of a high-quality product at a super-competitive price. The performance of Tyfoon tyres are simply good. Stable, comfortable, and optimal grip, even on wet roads. Tyfoon tyres prove their added value especially when sudden braking is required. Their stiff composition ensures minimum deformation and preserves driving and braking characteristics to the max.
Tyfoon tyres combine safety and excellent driving characteristics with a very attractive price level.

Tyfoon, for the best performance!


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Contact one of our sales specialists