Roadhog, Innovative, safe and reliable!

By combining years of experience as a tyre manufacturer with the latest production processes, Roadhog has established itself as a high-quality tyre brand with impressive levels of performance. Thanks to these characteristics, Roadhog tyres distinguish themselves through their excellent driving and braking characteristics as well as their optimal value for money. The structure of Roadhog tyres in combination with their rubber composition creates a stable, reliable driving experience. The structure of Roadhog tyre tread, which is based on continuous vertical grooves, ensures a quick displacement of water, minimising the risk of aquaplaning. The robust shoulder tread blocks that run to the sides ensure stable handling when cornering, under extreme braking, and in case of unexpected evasive manoeuvres. Roadhog tyres generate maximum traction under all circumstances and on all surfaces.

Drive safe, Drive Roadhog


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Contact one of our sales specialists