Nexen tyres, a balanced alternative

Nexen tyres offers a balanced range of types and sizes for passenger vehicles, light trucking and SUV tyres in the high performance segment. Nexen tyres are produced according to the newest technologies and distinguish themselves by an excellent price/quality ratio.

By means of the special rubber composition (an optimum mix of raw materials) and the well-devised built-up treads, Nexen tyres offer optimal performance. The rapid draining of water and dirt means that Nexen tyres maintain maximum grip, driving and braking characteristics on wet driving surfaces. Even when the most extreme demands are placed on the tyres, such as hard braking on a dry or wet road, or during sudden evasive manoeuvres, Nexen tyres offer impressive performance. The innovative brand continuously improves itself, with an eye to the future.

Nexen, driving tomorrow!


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Contact one of our sales specialists