Double Coin

Double Coin truck (heavy duty) and OTR (earthmover) tyres are manufactured in China on the newest production lines and delivered worldwide. The truck tyres are available in the most popular European tyre sizes and height/width ratios, including optimal load index and speed index. The application is critically considered from design to design. The design is tailored to the specific characteristics of the tyres that are meant for the front axle, driving axle, trailer/semi-trailer or flatbed. Thanks to the special design of the tyre treads, in combination with the special rubber compounds and tyre construction, impact damage is minimised. The carcass is of extremely high quality and suitable for retreading.

The side walls with flexible ribs provide better protection of the tyres against external damage. The tread design of Double Coin tyres, combined with the broad shoulder design, ensure lower rolling resistance and improved durability. This results in lower fuel consumption and even wear of the tyre. As a result, Double Coin tyres have an extremely low kilometre/price ratio. It is partially due to these tyre characteristics and their durability that Double Coin are increasingly being chosen as an alternative to well-known premium brands.

Double Coin’s OTR tyres are very popular with drivers of professional off-road vehicles such as excavators, dumper trucks, wheel loaders and mobile cranes: Vehicles that are subjected to anywhere between heavy and very heavy loads during use. During manufacture of these OTR tyres, extremely high demands are placed on quality and durability. This is crucial for optimal functionality of these heavy machines under what are often extreme conditions.

Double Coin, Driven the world over!


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